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Ric-Rac (Rick-Rack) Rose

Ric-Rac (Rick-Rack) Rose

However you spell Ric-Rac, thDSC02956is old fashioned fabric trim is making a comeback, -very trendy

right now with the love for all things Vintage and in high street fashion from Cath Kidston to French Connection.

I will be teaching the lovely folk at the Kingston Carers Network next week how to make a rose.  I’m really looking forward it!

What you will need:



  • Ric-rac – 10 or 12mm wide and at least 60cm in length per colour or 120cm of one colour.
  • Fabric glue – I like Hi-Tack Fast Tack glue
  • Basic sewing kit – pins, scissors, needle and thread to match
  • A brooch pin eg 30mm Brooch Pin Bar Back Backs – or large safety pin or a hair slide
  • Fabric scrap for leaves – approximately 20cm x 10cm – of a complimentary colour – doesn’t have to be green!
  • leftover Easter eggs for eating!



For my vintage rose I used two complimentary colours – pink and raspberry 10mm/3/8ths inch approx. wide – 60cm/24in of each colour.  Use double length (120cm) and fold in half if using just one colour.



Pin the lengths together at one end. I pinned this onto my sewing basket to make the next step easier or you may want to enlist the help of a friend.




Interlace the two lengths together – then iron flat.



Fold down one end diagonally to make the middle of the rosebud and roll up the interlaced lengths.

  • DSC02934DSC02935

You can use fabric glue (eg. Hi-Tack Fast Tack glue) as you roll or I preferred sewing it to keep it in place. A little tip – I keep a white candle handy. If my thread starts to tangle I run it over the thread.

  • DSC02936DSC02938DSC02940

You can stop there and sew on a brooch back, or make leaves in a complimentary colour !

cut out a leaf shape from card – and draw onto the wrong side of the fabric.


cut out twice, with right sides of fabric together so you get four – I used pinking

shears here to help with any fraying.


Putting right sides together, sew up the edges by hand or machine, leaving the stem

end open so you can turn it right-side out.





Before you turn it right-side out, snip the tip back a little. I used a satay stick to help me turn it and get a sharp leaf tip.






Now you can add a decorative edge to your leaf edges – maybe a nice decorative stitch in a similar colour by hand or machine. Don’t go overboard – you don’t want your leaves to steal the show from your rose. I left mine plain.

To make the leaves curl – use a straight stitch down the middle for gathering it up and secure in place with a stitch.



Sew the leaves onto the back of your rose.



Now add a brooch pin, or hair slide (barrette).




Fold back the ric-rac rose petals to open up the rose as much as you want – you can open it or keep it tight like a rosebud. Add a dab of glue to help keep the petals open if necessary. Wear with pride ! (on a top, cardigan or bag) or instead of a brooch add a hair slide to the back to jazz up your ponytail !




Try metallic ! for classy evening wear or vintage girly twin set.